Central Services Tech
Department Central Service
Location La Crosse
Schedule/Shift Night, Weekend
Benefit Eligible Yes
Temporary Position No
Job Details

This position requires completion of the Central Service Tech Program within 6 months of hire.


Shift: Nights / Weekend

8 hour shift (10:30pm – 7:00am) or 10 hour shift (8:30pm – 7:00am)  working every 6th weekend

The Central Service / Processing Technician is responsible for maintaining high standards for decontamination assembly, inspecting, wrapping, and sterilization of surgical instruments and medical equipment for Surgical Services and all Ancillary departments.  This includes working in conjunction with the OR staff to provide timely sterile products, trays and case carts where applicable.  The Central Service / Processing Technician maintains consistency and continuous workflow between the OR and Central Processing while practicing excellent customer service.

Job Responsibilities
  • Maintain quality control by monitoring, reading, documenting, and interpreting, all parameters for all types of sterilizers to insure proper function. (Steam, ETO, Glutaraldehyde, and Steris)

  • Maintain system and department competencies by attending department meetings, in-services, and annual updates.

  • Maintain quality assurance by correctly utilizing biological monitoring applicable sterilization event.

  • Demonstrate accountability by providing high quality customer service, through communication and service to the surgical staff and peers.

  • Inspect all instruments and reusable items visually and manually. Isolate all items needing repair.

  • Review departmental policies and procedures by reviewing the manuals.

  • Order and puts away supplies and linens upon request as needed. Pick surgical case carts by following established Surgeons Preference Cards or Procedural Pick list/requisition.

  • Perform correct and appropriate data entry, understand and utilize computers for generating data and requisitioning goods.

  • Answer phone in professional, helpful manner by maintaining communication skills appropriate in a professional setting.

  • Dispose of all biohazard products per departmental procedures.

  • Assist with development or modifications in all supply system, instrumentation, and services as needed.

  • Rotate assignments through sterilization, decontamination, assembly, case carts and dispatch.

  • Work with high-level disinfectants and cleaning solutions and read and interpret appropriate MSDS accordingly.

  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

  • Scope of the Job
    Age Specific Population Served Nonage Specific (N/A)
    OSHA Category Category I - All Employees in this job title have a reasonably anticipated risk of occupational exposure to blood and/or other potentially infectious materials.
    Position Qualifications
    Education and Experience:
    Required High School Diploma or equivalency +   Graduate of an accredited Operating Room Technician or Central Service Technician program within six months from hire date or Three years of experience  

    Work Experience:
    Required No experience required. 
    Desired 6 months Previous Central Service Processing experience.
    Required Ability to...
    Communication understand and follow basic instructions and guidelines
    Comprehension understand, remember, and communicate routine, factual information
    Dept. Specific - Patient Care interpret charts and computerized washer and sterilizer printouts
    General - All Positions utilize personal protection to ensure a safe working environment
    General - All Positions understand medical terminology
    General - All Positions work effectively under stress
    General - Patient Care Aseptic technique
    General - Patient Care sterilization processes
    General - Patient Care steam and Ethylene Oxide sterilization systems
    Organization organize and prioritize own work schedule on short-term basis (longer than one month)
    Reasoning/Decision Making problem solve
    Reasoning/Decision Making make decisions which have moderate impact on immediate work unit
    Desired Ability to...
    License and Certifications
    Physical Requirements/Demands of the Position
    Static Standing Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Walking/Standing Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Stooping/Bending Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Squatting Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Kneeling/Half Kneel
    Climbing Stair
    Climbing Ladder
    Reaching - Shoulder Level Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Reaching - Below Shoulder Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Reaching - Above Shoulder Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Repetitive Actions - Pinch Forces Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours) Pounds of force:
    Repetitive Actions - Grip Forces Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours) Pounds of force:
    Repetitive Actions - Fine Manipulation Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Balance - Right Leg
    Balance - Left Leg
    Lifting - Floor to Waist Number of lbs:
    Lifting - Waist to Overhead Number of lbs:
    Lifting - Other Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours) Number of lbs: 0-25
    Carrying - Long Carry (>50 feet) Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Short Carry Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Right Carry Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Left Carry Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Push/Pull (Static Force) Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours) Number of lbs: 75-100
    Number of lbs:
    Environmental Conditions
    Exposed to infectious diseases.

    Central Services Tech

    Equal Opportunity Employer