Nursing Informatics & Technology
Department Department of Nursing
Contact Torud, Karen R.
Location La Crosse
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Benefit Eligible Yes
Temporary Position No
Job Details

Informatics Nurse Educator:


This role will support the transformation of nursing practice by leading and/or actively participating in the design, implementation, and adoption of informatics solutions.  A significant portion of this work will focus on the electronic medical record, as well as other clinical technologies and integrations of technologies.


Experience in informatics related projects, creative problem-solving, project management, and group facilitation skills are very important for this work.  The work focus will cross the continuum of care requiring a systems approach.  The level of cross being dependent on each project or technology.

The Nurse Educator provides nursing staff and managers with expertise, education and tools related to nursing practice that enable them to perform their work responsibilities more effectively and in alignment with nursing practice standards.  The Nurse Educator develops, implements, leads/manages, supports, serves as consultant and educates on practice initiatives, policies, standard operating procedures, plans and guidelines that support the provision of competent, safe, evidence-based and compassionate nursing care.  The Nurse Educator’s area of focus will be inpatient, outpatient and/or systems nursing practice.

Job Responsibilities
  • Works with members of the interprofessional team to plan, develop, implement, monitor and sustain strategies to assure compliance/competency in regard to:

    • Regulatory standards,
    • Institutional licensing and accrediting agencies,
    • Gundersen Health System Strategic Plan,
    • Policy and practice.
  • Identifies and assists in resolving areas of non-compliance, and facilitates integration of standards into work processes and systems.
  • Assesses, plans, develops, implements and evaluates nursing educational programs to improve the knowledge and competency of the nursing staff at Gundersen Health System.  This will be accomplished through:

    • A system-wide Nursing Orientation and Patient Care Orientation.
    • Unit orientation based on a preceptor model.
    • Assuring competency of current nursing staff and performance within defined scope of practice.
    • Provides and assists in the coordination and education of timely in-services on new technology, procedures and equipment.
    • Other continuing education based on need, development, interest, organizational initiatives and priorities.
    • Educates and provides clinical judgment and nursing expertise at the patient side or on a system level.
  • Assesses, plans, develops, implements and evaluates the effective and ethical uses and knowledge of information technology of the nursing staff at Gundersen Health System. 

  • Promotes the integration of informatics concepts, theories, and competencies into processes and education of the nursing staff at Gundersen Health System. 

  • Demonstrates the ability to utilize a variety of teaching/learning methodologies and technologies (presentation skills, facilitation skills, adult learning principles, small/large group exercises, knowledge of age-related competencies, computer skills and e-learning).
  • Supports and/or assists with (as Nurse Planner) continuing education contact hours.
  • Monitor and teach staff regarding nurse-sensitive measures, such as falls, pressure ulcers, restraints

  • Professional and Organizational Responsibilities:  Maintains competency and contributes to the Gundersen Health System Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Plan

    • The Nurse Educator practices in accordance with the Foundation, Components and Values of the GHS Nursing Professional Framework

    1. Values:  Nursing Skills & Knowledge; Patient & Family Centered Care; Culture of Caring & Safety; Healing Environment
    2. Components:  Nursing Structure; Practice and Pathways; Professional Enhancement; Innovation; Reflective Practice
    3. Foundation:  Caritas (Human Caring Theory)

  • Performs other job related responsibilities as requested

  • Scope of the Job
    Age Specific Population Served Adolescent (13 - 17 years)
    Adult (18 - 64 years)
    Geriatric (65 years & older)
    Infant (less than 1 year)
    Pediatric (1 - 12 years)
    Unit/Department Specific
    OSHA Category Category II - Some (but not all) employees in this job title may have a reasonably anticipated risk of occupational exposure to blood and/or other potentially infectious materials, usually by location or specific departments.
    Position Qualifications
    Education and Experience:
    Required Bachelor's degree in  Nursing from an accredited college of nursing, as recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. 
    Master's degree in Nursing from an accredited college of nursing, as recognized by the ACEN or CCNE is required within five years of hire date.

    Work Experience:
    Required 3-4 years of relevant RN experience
    Desired 1 year nursing management experience.
    Required Ability to...
    Computer Systems/Software/Applications use Microsoft Office Products, Adobe and other similar applications
    Computer Systems/Software/Applications patient record systems
    Computer Systems/Software/Applications operate computer
    Communication plan, research and develop educational and informational materials and implement programs
    Communication communicate with ease on a professional level
    Communication excellent oral and written communication skills
    General - All Positions work cooperatively with a wide variety of people
    General - All Positions have professional attitude in regard to motivation, cooperation, flexibility, confidentiality, ethics and personal development
    General - All Positions perceive and respond sensitively to the needs of others
    General - All Positions use listening skills to identify important information in oral communication
    General - All Positions provide excellent customer service to people both inside and outside the organization
    General - All Positions formulate objectives
    Leadership establish priorities in accordance with organizational strategic plans and management objectives while meeting deadlines
    Leadership use effective time management
    Leadership plan, organize, execute assignments to meet deadlines
    Leadership work independently: self-disciplined
    Leadership change management
    Leadership legal and regulatory standards
    Reasoning/Decision Making be decisive
    Reasoning/Decision Making self-direct
    Reasoning/Decision Making be flexible
    Reasoning/Decision Making be professional, honest and have personal integrity
    Reasoning/Decision Making participate in and support professional organizations
    Reasoning/Decision Making appreciate people whose values, goals, and cultures are different from your own
    Reasoning/Decision Making develop new skills and keep abreast of new knowledge
    Desired Ability to...
    Leadership demonstrate leadership and management skills
    License and Certifications
    Required Registered Nurse (RN) licensed to practice in the state of employment, some positions may require multiple licenses and 
    Current American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider CPR certification; Heart Saver, Rescue and Military training network CPR; or the American Red Cross CPR certification (CPR) except Citizen and Animal classes 
    Physical Requirements/Demands of the Position
    Sitting Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Static Standing
    Walking/Standing Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Stooping/Bending Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Squatting Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Kneeling/Half Kneel Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Climbing Stair
    Climbing Ladder
    Reaching - Shoulder Level Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Reaching - Below Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Reaching - Above Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Repetitive Actions - Pinch Forces Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours) Pounds of force: 0-25
    Repetitive Actions - Grip Forces Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours) Pounds of force: 0-25
    Repetitive Actions - Fine Manipulation Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Balance - Right Leg
    Balance - Left Leg
    Lifting - Floor to Waist Number of lbs:
    Lifting - Waist to Overhead Number of lbs:
    Lifting - Other Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs: 0-25
    Carrying - Long Carry (>50 feet) Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Short Carry Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs: 0-25
    Carrying - Right Carry Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Left Carry Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Push/Pull (Static Force) Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours) Number of lbs: 0-25
    Number of lbs:
    Environmental Conditions
    Exposed to infectious diseases.

    Nursing Informatics & Technology

    Equal Opportunity Employer