Medical Laboratory Technician
Department Family Medicine-PDC
Location Prairie du Chien
Schedule/Shift Days
FTE 0.01 FTE
Benefit Eligible No
Temporary Position No
Job Details

The Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) collects and processes specimens following standard procedures, reducing pre-analytical variables and ensuring high quality specimens are used for laboratory testing. Demonstrates competency with a limited scope of laboratory procedures, chemical, microscopic, bacteriologic as well as electrocardiogram and spirometry testing. Monitors quality control information and follows performance guidelines to ensure the efficient delivery of accurate and timely laboratory test results and services. Complies with the requirements and standards of regulating agencies. Actively seeks opportunities to stay up-to-date with information relevant to the section(s).

Job Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the collection of blood specimens for laboratory testing by venipuncture or skin puncture. Follows established procedures to accurately identify and label all specimens. Processes specimens following established procedures, reducing the likelihood for introduction of pre-analytical variation.
  • Responsible for achieving and maintaining competence in performing automated and non-automated laboratory testing as demonstrated by departmental skills rosters. Recognizes unexpected test results and adheres to guidelines to take appropriate action. Identifies pre-, post-, and analytical problems and seeks support to resolve in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Reviews pending workload while adjusting to fluctuating pace and demand for lab services. Plans and prioritizes workload to best ensure delivery of high quality laboratory test results in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Monitors Quality Control and variance reports are within acceptable performance standards. Distinguishes clinically significant shifts and trends and follows established laboratory guidelines for appropriate corrective action to resolve technical, instrument, pre-analytical and post-analytical problems.
  • Understands the flow of laboratory data and information via laboratory information system and electronic health records. Follows standard downtime procedures during times of system failure to ensure laboratory data continues to be delivered in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Performs other job-related responsibilities as requested.

  • Scope of the Job
    Age Specific Population Served Infant (less than 1 year)
    Geriatric (65 years & older)
    Pediatric (1 - 12 years)
    Adolescent (13 - 17 years)
    Adult (18 - 64 years)
    OSHA Category Category I - All Employees in this job title have a reasonably anticipated risk of occupational exposure to blood and/or other potentially infectious materials.
    Position Qualifications
    Education and Experience:
    Required Associate degree in   Medical Lab Technician (MLT) or Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) 
    A copy of the applicant's/employee's diploma and/or transcript as confirmation of the education requirement must be provided at time of hire.

    Work Experience:
    Required No experience required. 
    Desired 1 year of experience in a clinical laboratory
    Required Ability to...
    Computer Systems/Software/Applications operate computer
    Communication effectively communicate in technical and lay language
    Communication excellent oral and written communication skills
    General - All Positions provide excellent customer service to people both inside and outside the organization
    General - All Positions have professional attitude in regard to motivation, cooperation, flexibility, confidentiality, ethics and personal development
    General - All Positions work cooperatively with a wide variety of people
    Reasoning/Decision Making have positive attitude
    Reasoning/Decision Making appreciate people whose values, goals, and cultures are different from your own
    Reasoning/Decision Making develop new skills and keep abreast of new knowledge
    Desired Ability to...
    License and Certifications
    Desired Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) (ASCP) 
    Physical Requirements/Demands of the Position
    Sitting Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Static Standing Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Walking/Standing Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Stooping/Bending Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours)
    Kneeling/Half Kneel
    Climbing Stair
    Climbing Ladder
    Reaching - Shoulder Level Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Reaching - Below Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Reaching - Above Shoulder Occasionally (6-33% or 3 hours)
    Repetitive Actions - Pinch Forces Pounds of force:
    Repetitive Actions - Grip Forces Pounds of force:
    Repetitive Actions - Fine Manipulation Frequently (34-66% or 5.5 hours)
    Balance - Right Leg
    Balance - Left Leg
    Lifting - Floor to Waist Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours) Number of lbs: 25-50
    Lifting - Waist to Overhead Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours) Number of lbs: 0-25
    Lifting - Other Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Long Carry (>50 feet) Number of lbs:
    Carrying - Short Carry Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours) Number of lbs: 0-25
    Carrying - Right Carry Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours) Number of lbs: 0-25
    Carrying - Left Carry Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours) Number of lbs: 0-25
    Carrying - Push/Pull (Static Force) Rarely (1-5% or .5 hours) Number of lbs: 50-75
    Number of lbs:
    Environmental Conditions
    Exposed to infectious diseases.
    Required to wear a respirator.
    Subject to atmospheric conditions.
    Subject to hazards.
    Subject to inside environmental conditions.

    Medical Laboratory Technician

    Equal Opportunity Employer